Pacherenc du Vic Bilh – Saint Albert Sec
Barrique D'Or 
50% Petit Manseng, 30 % Gros Manseng, 10% Petit Courbu, 10% Arrufiac grapes

Late harvest – November 15 (Saint Albert's day). This tradition comes from common sense as the winegrowers realised in 17th century the magnificent potential of the local grapes that benefit from sunny autumn days, concentrating the sugar level and cool nights preserving high levels of acidity and intense aromas.

The words of the oenologist
Bright, straw colour with slight green tints. The nose is characteristic of over-riped grapes with flavours of vanilla and hints of cocoa bland in well with fruity notes (citrus and quince). This wine can seduce any wine drinker as they have no cloying effect on you. After the complex over-riped fruit, the fresh lemony acidity comes over to clean up your palate and makes you wish for another glass.

Serve chilled between 10-12°C. This wine can be served as an aperitif, but the ideal dish to fully appreciate it is the traditional Gascony meal “foie gras”, with apples or grapes and it is perfect with sheep milk cheese (from the Pyrenees of course). It is also wonderful with every dessert based on cream or fruit.

the bottle (0.75l)

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